July 15th 2021 Advice regarding 5-day lockdown – updated

July 15th 2021 – updated July 20th 2021

Dear Staff, Current Students and Prospective Students

As most of you are no doubt already aware, the Victorian Government has announced a 5 Day lockdown from 11:59 PM tonight (15 July 2021) until 11:59PM on Tuesday night (20 July 2021). Update:  please note that the Victorian Government has today advised that the current lockdown will be extended by another week.  The below information will continue to apply during this time.  We now expect the current period of restrictions to be lifted as at Tuesday 27th July 2021 at 11:59pm, as per current advice.

As per the government announcement and the previous lockdown requirements, we provide the below information:

  • We have notified, or will notify by Friday, all class-based students, so please check your phone for text messages and/or emails.
  • If you were planning to visit our head office in Carnegie during this period, please call us before visiting and we will assist you.
  • We will close all physical locations to staff, students and visitors for any non-essential visits during this period.
  • Our core administrative and management staff will still answer all calls and emails and will ensure that all class-based and blended-online student services are maintained during this time.
  • Classes for all locations will be delivered as Zoom meetings during normal class times, but should not exceed more than three (3) hours per session.
  • Please use your scheduled class time effectively and continue reading and completing your assessment tasks over this period.
  • If you are a new (or continuing) student and need a textbook or other resource, please call us to organise a time to pick up your resource.
  • As always, please observe all recommended precautions, and most importantly, if you are unwell, get tested as soon as possible and stay isolated until you receive a negative result.

Take care and stay safe until we see you again in class soon!