2019 AQTF (Australian Quality Training Framework) Registering Body Report

Information Explanatory notes:  specific contexts to consider when interpreting survey results

These reports represent a small sample of the feedback on Phillips Institute’s overall training services, and demonstrate one aspect of the organisation’s training evaluation system. Other methods of evaluation used by the RTO include, but are not limited to, informal feedback from students, candidates, trainers and prospective students, validation findings, employer and industry consultation and feedback, completion rates, government department feedback, compliments and complaints.

The AQTF annual survey on quality indicators is a requirement of Phillips Institute’s registration.  As the RTO does not currently deliver apprenticeship or traineeship models, the employer survey, which relates to apprentices and trainees only, was not undertaken.  Other employer feedback is gained through regular consultations regarding student placements, feedback on course and resource design and program proposals.

Please see our 2019 AQTF Quality Indicator Summary Report and Quality Indicator data, including Learner Satisfaction, here: 21868 AQTF.

In line with our registration requirements, see our latest registering body report here: Registration Report

Competency Completions Reports:
Competency completions, in this case, are a measure of volume.  Students enrolled who have not completed by year end may have started their course late in the year, or may have requested course extensions. They are encouraged to continue with completing their studies in the following year, therefore the competency completion rate does not reflect actual completions, but is simply a “point in time” end of the calendar year statistic, and the actual completion rates for our students is higher than the figures given in awards here and enrolment numbers here.

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