Our funded course fees are only $95 or $175 for eligible applicants!*  Avoid the rush and Apply Now!

Use our easy Eligibility Checker to find out if you’re eligible for Victorian Government Funding.  Funded places are limited, so be sure to make a timely application.

Phillips Institute nationally recognised training programs are delivered either on a Fee-­for-­Service basis or with Skills First Victorian Government Funding to eligible individuals. To be eligible in 2024, you must be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident^, or New Zealand Citizen, and not already be enrolled into two funded courses.

There is no requirement for funded students to be upskilling in 2024, therefore you are eligible for funding for a qualification at any level, even if you already hold a higher qualification!  It does not matter if you are currently working or not, as long as you fulfil all other criteria.

This page includes information about the Fees for all our courses.  The tuition fees are indicative only and may vary depending on an individual applicant’s eligibility for funding, credit transfers or recognition of prior learning.  Additional fees may apply for resources, enrolment administration and placement for some courses.  Full details on all fees may be found under Statement of Indicative Fees on this page.

New South Wales and South Australia border regions:

Students undertaking training in selected NSW or SA border regions are now eligible for Victorian Skills First funding in 2024!  See our postcode list below for these regions and talk to our friendly staff for more information. 

NSW:  2546,  2548 – 2551, 2625 – 2633, 2640 – 2648,  2650, 2651, 2653, 2655, 2656, 2658 – 2660, 2700, 2707, 2710 – 2717, 2720, 2730 – 2739.  SA:  5262, 5263, 5267 – 5272, 5277 – 5279, 5290, 5291, 5302 – 5304, 5311, 5333, 5340, 5342 – 5345


For applicants who are not eligible for any current funding programs, the Fee-­for-­Service cost of courses is applicable.  Even if you’re not eligible for government funding, you may find our Fee-for-Service cost is still much lower than other providers. Talk to us about how we can help.

Payment plans

Study Now, Pay Later!  We offer direct debit and easy payment plans, however you must complete a payment plan application and pay a minimum amount of 10% of the total course fee prior to enrolment. Fees and charges apply to payment plans and are detailed here.  If you would like to organise the payment of your fees with an easy payment plan, please consult our staff at the time of enrolment.

Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer (CT) is an administrative process in which applicants claim recognition for existing competency. Phillips Institute complies with national standards which require all Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to mutually recognise the awards of other (RTOs) where the competency outcome is identical and equivalent. When you apply to enrol, you should submit a copy of your accredited training records so that we can advise you on whether it is suitable for CT.  We will also ask you to provide permission for us to check with the original issuing RTO by submission of an Authority to Verify Qualifications

There is no tuition fee and no funding for units where CT is granted, therefore any cost will only be deducted if the course is not already tuition fee free.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) differs from Credit Transfer (CT) as it is an assessment process which involves qualified assessors analysing various types of evidence an applicant submits in order to claim for existing competency against the accredited units.  It is a rigorous and potentially complex process requiring specialised knowledge on the part of the assessor: applicants should therefore carefully consider their ability to provide appropriate evidence prior to applying for RPL. Refer to our Recognition of Prior Learning section in our Student Handbook for a detailed explanation, or call us to discuss your application.

Fees for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) vary depending on the program and the units claimed.  
In general, the rate charged for RPL is at the full fee for service cost for each unit claimed. For example, the RPL fee for the unit CHCCCS038 Facilitate the empowerment of people receiving support from the course CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support is calculated as 120 hours multiplied by the Fee for Service unit/per hour rate of $3.5715 giving a total of $428.58  (120 X $3.5715 = $428.58).  Therefore, another unit in the same qualification would be a lower fee per unit where the hours are lower.  

All RPL applications are subject to a Preliminary Evaluation fee of $250.00 which is non-refundable, but which is deducted from the overall fee for a subsequent enrolment.  If the resultant fee after RPL is calculated is less than the RPL fee, the RPL total fee amount will apply and will not be deducted.  In the example above, the total cost to the student for the RPL assessment for the given unit will be $428.58, ie. $250 plus $178.58 balance of fees.

These fees may vary subject to funding availability, for example, where the candidate is enrolling into a pathway qualification and requires a specific entry requirement qualification, such as for the CHC43121 Certificate IV in Disability Support.

Refund policy

Participants in Phillips Institute training programs can be assured that our financial arrangements operate in such a way that refund moneys are always available if required.  In addition, we will not collect more than a maximum of $1,500 in fees per participant prior to commencement of training, nor will we collect more than a maximum of $1,500 in subsequent fee payments per participant at any time, in accordance with the national regulator guidelines.  Where the fees for a participant are being paid by an organisation, such as an employer, the $1,500 transaction limit does not apply.

In the best interests of all Phillips Institute students, we will issue refunds if:

  • a training participant notifies Phillips Institute in writing of withdrawal at least 7 days prior to commencement of training; or
  • unforeseen circumstances require a course to be cancelled by Phillips Institute prior to commencement with no alternative offered: in this case, a full refund of all fees will be issued.

All training is devised for a minimum number of participants and Phillips Institute reserves the right to cancel or defer courses up to 48 hours prior to commencement.  In such cases, any fees paid will be refunded, or an alternative course will be offered.

Phillips Institute intends to be fair and reasonable in the application of refunds and may apply additional discretionary refunds in exceptional circumstances, however, Phillips Institute cannot accept responsibility for changes to a participant’s work commitments or personal circumstances as grounds for refund once the course has commenced.

Where employers pay for training, they may send an alternative candidate to attend training if the original candidate is not available.  In this event, we request you advise our office in writing prior to the start of the course and ensure that any pre­-course information already supplied is relayed to the replacement candidate.

The complete cancellation and refund policy can be found in the Phillips Institute Student Handbook.

Replacement of award

Replacement award documents are available on written request (an email will suffice) from the student and on provision of appropriate identification such as passport or driver licence (if emailed, attach clearly legible copies).  The fee for this service is $35.00; issue of a replacement document is subject to verification.

Resources, Materials and Equipment Hire Fees

All enrolled students are required to pay a fee to cover the costs associated with Resources, Materials and Equipment Hire.  This is a non-refundable flat fee which is required to be paid when you enrol.

Some courses may require additional resources, which may be noted on your Statement of Fees – please check prior to enrolling in your chosen course.  For example, fees charged by some placement organisations to the RTO when students undertake placements.  Another example is when you have enrolled as online but would like an additional print-based resource, this will incur an additional fee per unit resource of $18 (indicative) plus postage and handling.  Cost of replacement textbooks varies from $80 to $150, or $18 per unit resource booklets.

Late assessment submission fees

Certificate III courses:  All assessment tasks must be submitted no later than two weeks after each unit’s last session date of delivery, or two weeks from online unit commencement.  For example, if you attend the last session for “Work with diverse people” delivered on 21st February (21/02/2022), you must submit all assessment tasks for that unit no later than 7th March (07/03/2022).

Certificate IV and Diploma courses:  All assessment tasks must be submitted no later than four weeks after each unit’s last session date of delivery, or four weeks from online unit commencement.  Where units require workplace project completion, seek advice from your facilitator.  Refer to your Training Plan for due dates.

Online training:  You should submit a completed unit assessment at least once every month, and preferably more than once per month.  You should meet this requirement so that we can monitor your course progress and provide you with appropriate support and feedback. Please check our Study Online page and our Online Service Standards for more information about minimum submission requirements.

Extensions:  If you are unable to submit all course or unit assessment tasks within the required time-frame, you must request an extension in writing addressed to your trainer/assessor, or the Training Manager, Phillips Institute.  Applications for extension will be considered on their individual merit.

Non-submission:  Failure to submit assessment tasks within the specified time-frame may incur the payment of a re-­enrolment fee for the unit and/or late assessment submission fee. These will be calculated as at the cost at time of re-enrolment or late assessment.  Continued lack of course activity will place the student at risk of withdrawal, subject to trainer recommendation.

Centrelink approved

Most of our courses are Centrelink approved which means you can continue to receive your benefits while training. Our institution reference number is 3P390, which should be quoted for eligible applicants. With the exception of Diploma level courses, all other courses have been recognised as approved courses for the purposes of Youth Allowance, Austudy Payment, ABSTUDY, and the Pensioner Education Supplement.  Applicants receiving these and other benefits are encouraged to enquire about their eligibility for fee assistance.  Contact Centrelink for further information and to apply.

Schedule of Indicative Fees

The Schedule of Indicative Fees provides the indicative scheduled per hour tuition fees for each nationally recognised program currently on our scope of registration.  The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. These fees are effective from 1 January 2024 and supersede any previously advertised fees.

^Funded training is delivered to eligible individuals with Victorian and Commonwealth Government subsidies. Please note – Skills First Eligible applicants, in addition to meeting the eligibility requirements listed above, are only eligible to:
a) commence a maximum of two government subsidised courses in a calendar year. If you are scheduled to commence at a later date in that calendar year, this course(s) must be counted when assessing eligibility;
b) undertake a maximum of two government subsidised courses at any one time.  

Fees provided are indicative and are subject to change according to whether an individual applicant undertakes more than one course and / or has approved credit transfers, however, Phillips Institute will not charge more than the listed fees where the standard packaging of a qualification is undertaken.

* Phillips Institute will organise one Melbourne-based placement for local enrolments – for students in other regions, we ask students to provide details of their preferred placement organisation and we will assist with organisation, consultation and support.  For students already working in a relevant role, placement hours may be undertaken during paid employment subject to employer and trainer/assessor approval.
*Some courses may require additional resources or materials not included in this cost – further information will be provided on request.
** Skills First government funding may apply to fully online enrolments where the training is undertaken with a physical presence within Victoria, or selected NSW or SA border regions.
Phillips Institute encourages individuals with disabilities to access government subsidised training.