Train with Phillips Institute as a teacher's aide or an education support officer and work in schools as an integration aide.

Why Should You Become a Teacher’s Aide?


The Teacher’s Aide plays a vital role in the smooth running of the classroom.  And with the current short supply of qualified people, there’s no better time than now to dive in and make an exciting career in education support.

Over the next few years, job openings for teacher’s aides are expected to expand dramatically, providing you with an extremely positive outlook if you are considering this as your future career.

As a Teacher’s Aide, you’ll support students to improve their learning and assist in their understanding of the curriculum. An Integration Aide is also a huge support to the teacher delivering the course program in a primary, secondary or special education settings.

Watch children grow and expand their knowledge.

You will be hard pressed to find a more rewarding career where you have the opportunity to watch children develop and expand their knowledge throughout their education. As an Integration aide you would play an important part in delivering the child’s lesson alongside the teacher providing you the chance to be an integral part of their success.

Work – Life Balance

You will have your weekends off and enjoy the luxury of school holidays as well as school hours which will accommodate life as a parent if you are one. It will be a career which is less about being tied to a desk and working late in an office on a deadline and more about being hands-on with students and getting involved in their learning and development.

Supporting students within the classroom

While the teacher is busy conducting the lesson or planning, you as a teacher’s aide have the chance to spend more time with the pupils on a one-on-one level. You will be hands on in helping the children steer their way through a task. You will help the individual to understand and develop their skill set. It may also be that you are supporting a child with disabilities both on an educational and emotional level ensuring that their needs are meet.

Contribute planning and running of the class

Those highly experienced teacher’s aides have the opportunity to work together with the teacher and assist in the planning of the daily lessons. In some cases you may even be able to take over the running of the class for the day whilst the teacher supervises you and undertakes their administrative tasks. This will give you the chance to experience what it is like to be in a teacher’s role.

Connect with the students

Throughout your career as an integration aide you will be able to nurture relationships with your students. You will ultimately be a positive role model for them and help guide them throughout their education. This trust and connection you build will be extremely gratifying and make all the hard work worth it!

Take the plunge!

As a teacher’s aide, you will not only be assisting teaching staff, you will be providing hands on care and knowledge which is integral to the running of a classroom as well as the individual students’ success throughout their education.  A career in Education Support is your chance to make a difference!

Why Should You Become a Teacher’s Aide?
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Why Should You Become a Teacher’s Aide?
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